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Hotels near Saint Francis Hospital: Lodgingly’s Guide on Where to Stay, Shop, Eat and More

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Traveling for medical purposes is an experience not often leisurely. Ensuring you and your loved ones are adequately cared for during an extended hospital stay is necessary. This is where Lodgingly--your medical discount partner--comes in. 


Lodgingly understands the toll that a medical crisis can take on an individual and their families. In an effort to lighten the load, we offer access to short-term lodging at competitive discounted rates, ensuring your stay in Tulsa is as comfortable as possible. All it takes to unlock your 10%-25% medical lodging discount is filling out a form and speaking with a Care Team representative.


After booking your discounted stay with Lodgingly, there are more factors to consider. Here, we will explore hotels near Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, and help you find the essential accommodations you might need. Allow Lodgingly to make the journey to health and healing as smooth as possible. 

Hotels near Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK

Your first concern when preparing for medical-related travel is finding a comfortable place to stay. Fortunately, DoubleTree by Hilton is conveniently located in Warren Place across the street from Saint Francis Hospital. 


DoubleTree by Hilton caters to all your needs, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to reducing stress. You can rest easy with amenities such as accessible transportation, listening devices, visual and vibrating alarms, and more. If you are in need of relaxation or physical activity to destress, the indoor fitness facility and pool are at your disposal. When you are hungry but too tired to venture out for food, DoubleTree’s on-site restaurant can satisfy your appetite in no time.

One-Stop Shopping for Daily Essentials near Saint Francis

On top of everything else on your worry list, the last thing you should be stressing about is where to go for all your essential items. Luckily, Saint Francis Hospital is surrounded by convenient options. Just a five-minute walk from DoubleTree, you’ll find Walgreens Pharmacy at 61st and Yale. If you need another option, about a mile south of DoubleTree and Saint Francis is a CVS Pharmacy. Both of these stores are excellent locations to stock up on prescriptions, snacks, and toiletries. 


Additionally, there is a QuikTrip gas station located to the south of Saint Francis’ campus. Refuel your tank and stock up on refreshing drinks to keep you going during potentially long days.


If you’re looking for a broader shopping experience, Reasors on 71st and Sheridan and WinCo Foods on 71st and Memorial are a five-minute drive from the hospital and the hotel. Not far off, you’ll find a Target on 71st Street between Mingo and Garnett. Additionally, there is a Walmart Neighborhood Market and a Walmart Supercenter, both conveniently located just two miles from the hospital and hotel. The Neighborhood Market is situated off 81st and Sheridan, while the Supercenter can be found between 61st and 71st on Memorial Drive. 

Food and Beverage Convenience near Saint Francis

Another reason to appreciate Saint Francis’ location is the fact that there is no shortage of restaurant options, coffee shops, or quick bites. This area is teeming with diverse and affordable food options, whether you need to grab something to go, have something delivered, or sit down to enjoy a meal. Hideaway Pizza, Oklahoma Joe’s (both of which offer special discounts for Lodgingly customers), Chipotle, Cava and Pei Wei all offer affordable and quick options. While these locations don’t offer delivery, their takeout and sit-down dining are notably efficient. 


A Tulsa favorite that’s in close proximity to the hotel and Saint Francis Hospital is Neighborhood Jam. While the weekends can get quite busy, this breakfast and brunch spot allows you to put your name on the waiting list on your phone’s browser from the comfort of your hotel or the hospital. Neighborhood Jam will send you a text when it’s your party’s turn to dine.


Near Walgreens, you’ll find Starbucks and Jimmy John’s, both offering quick and convenient food and drinks. 


Dutch Bros Coffee and Raising Cane’s--a local fried chicken chain--are located north of DoubleTree and Saint Francis, off 51st and Yale. Further south, along with convenient to-go options like McDonald’s and Sonic Drive-In, you will find Tulsa favorites like McNellie’s Pub (another restaurant offering special discounts to Lodgingly customers), White Lion Pub, and Waldo’s Chicken and Beer. All of these dine-in restaurants offer takeout, but if you are in need of delivery, check out these options: 


  • Pub W

  • Wingstop 

  • Panera Bread

  • Gigi’s Chinese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

  • Chopstick’s

  • Asian Chef Delivery

  • Mazzio’s Pizza

  • Domino’s Pizza

  • Chimi’s Mexican Restaurant


The area surrounding Saint Francis Hospital boasts a rich restaurant landscape. Trust in the fact that whatever you have an appetite for, there is likely an option that will satisfy you.

Where to Distract the Mind and Unwind

With medical-related traveling often comes long waiting periods. Rather than anxiously waiting in the hospital, try exploring nearby entertainment options to relax and take your mind off of things. 


Cinergy Tulsa and Eton Square are two nearby cinemas perfect for unwinding. Cinergy caters to families with an array of arcade games, bowling, ax-throwing and more. You can even order dinner while you enjoy your movie, and the attentive wait staff will promptly deliver it to your seat. For those seeking a more traditional cinematic experience, Eton Square is an excellent choice. 


If you feel the need to focus on your physical well-being, the Health Zone at Saint Francis Hospital offers a wide range of classes. From barre and pilates to yoga and flexibility, this medically-based fitness center could be just what you need to clear your mind. The best part? The first week is completely free. 


For YMCA members, the Tandy Family YMCA is conveniently located just north of LaFortune Park.  


In addition to exercise courses and equipment, the Saint Francis Health Zone boasts a spa with different time increments and prices for both members and guests. It is the perfect place to rejuvenate and unwind during your or your loved one’s medical journey.


Finding Tranquility in Tulsa

Food and essentials are, of course, incredibly important. However, finding tranquility and tending to your well-being is just as crucial. Access to peaceful and calming environments can significantly contribute to the overall emotional wellness of patients and their caregivers. 


The most convenient location to find tranquility is LaFortune Park. The three-mile track takes you through lovely scenery, playgrounds, and the occasional baseball game or tennis match. Often parked in the lot is a locally beloved ice cream truck that accepts cash and cards. 


If you don’t mind driving west of Saint Francis Hospital, in under 10 minutes you’ll arrive at one of two locations. The first is Riverside Drive, a bike trail along the Arkansas River bustling with outdoor activities and beautiful scenery. The second is Tulsa’s favorite urban wilderness area, Turkey Mountain. Turkey Mountain’s hiking trails are full of diverse flora, fauna, sights, sounds, and experiences. The trails range in difficulty, but whatever path you choose is likely to provide you with a sense of calm escape. 

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Lodgingly: Your Trusted Partner for Discounted Hotels Near Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa 

Travel in general can be costly, but medical-related traveling is often more expensive and more emotionally taxing. Here to help make matters easier is your medical discount partner, Lodgingly. We offer special discounted rates for medical lodging in hotels near select Tulsa hospitals. 


To access 10%-25% off medical lodging, click here.


Let our care team assist you in finding discounted services, from hotels to transportation assistance, restaurant discounts, pet boarding, dry cleaning, vehicle servicing, and more. Our local knowledge drives our passion for assisting those in need of comfort.

Lodgingly approaches each case with compassion. Trust us to be your medical discount partner, providing you with affordable and accessible medical lodging in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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