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Medical Team

Proven Outcomes

Lodgingly was formed from 15 years of experience in serving families traveling to receive medical care by providing lodging, meals, transportation assistance, and spiritual support. During this time, a three-year pilot Hotel Program was formed to target the needs of approximately 1,400 families receiving either inpatient or outpatient care at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Through conducting extensive outcome measurement surveys with guests of the Hotel Program, the effectiveness of the program in meeting needs was measured in the areas of Physical Health and Well-being, Finances, Social Services, and Spiritual Support.


The program impact showed consistent and overwhelmingly positive effects on both the family caregivers and the patient's physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health/well-being. ​

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Family caregivers reported improved patient outcomes while staying at Lodgingly's pilot hotel program, with 73% saying their stay helped improve the health of their patient in the hospital due to:

  • Caregiver being rested and cared for, which decreased patient stress/guilt, allowing the patient to focus on their own health and recovery.

  • Caregiver was able to be in close proximity to patient and provide necessary support, advocacy, and care.

  • Caregiver was well-rested and received adequate nutrition allowing them to communicate more effectively with the medical staff in making decisions on behalf of the patient's care and recovery. 

Positive Impact on Family Caregivers


Reported a positive impact on their physical health after their stay.


Reported a positive impact on their emotional health after their stay.


Reported a positive impact on their spiritual health after their stay.

Upon checking in, Caregivers reported:

Daily meal intake increased by 23%, with 35% eating 3+ meals per day.

Hours of sleep per night increased by 50%, with 39% getting 7-8 hours per night.

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