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Traveling for medical care is no vacation,
so why pay vacation rates for lodging?


Save up to 25% on your Medical Lodging

Lodgingly is here to help with significant discounts at quality hotels near Tulsa, OK area hospitals

Experience the Lodgingly Difference

Traveling to receive medical care for yourself or a loved one can make an already difficult medical crisis even more challenging. Lodgingly is here to help. We offer:

About Us

Lodgingly exists to make compassionate, personalized medical lodging affordable to all by providing significantly discounted rates at safe, comfortable hotels in close proximity to area hospitals. We serve:​

Every Tulsa-area hospital/medical facility

Adult and pediatric patients and their families

All diagnosis categories

Families and caregivers of hospitalized inpatients

Outpatients and their family caregivers

At Lodgingly, our compassionate approach to medical lodging and support sets us apart.

We believe that facing a medical crisis is uniquely personal for every family, so our approach to providing the support services you need is personal as well. 

We believe that every family deserves to have a comfortable, affordable place to stay when facing a difficult medical crisis away from home, so we strive to keep our rates competitive. 

Therefore, if you are needing charitable medical lodging options, please visit our Hospitality House of Tulsa program, here.




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