About Us

Our Mission

Lodgingly exists to make personal, affordable medical lodging accessible to all.

Our Vision

For every family to have a safe, comfortable place to stay near the medical care they need. 

Lodgingly's program is a unique proven model that provides compassionate, easily accessible services such as hotel lodging, restaurant discounts, transportation assistance, spiritual support and more to families traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma for medical care and treatment. Lodgingly is a program of Philos Hospitality Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a home away from home for families caring for loved ones in medical crisis.

Our Services

Add-On Services
  • Transportation assistance

  • Pet boarding

  • Service discounts

  • Concierge services

Included Services
  • Lodging at a quality hotel

  • Restaurant discounts

  • Spiritual/prayer support

  • Care team access

  • Community connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lodgingly located?

Lodgingly partners with local hotels in Tulsa, Oklahoma that are close in proximity to medical facilities so families are able to be close to their hospitalized patient and/or the medical care they need. To see what hotel(s) we are currently partnered with, click here.

How much does it cost to stay at Lodgingly?

Facing a medical crisis away from home can be a financial challenge for many families, so we strive to offer the most competitive hotel rates to our guests. You will find that our prices are lower than third party travel sites and standard hotel medical discounts. The cost per room and per stay will vary based on the dates needed, hotel location, and length of stay.

I'm a medical provider or medical personnel...How do I refer patients to Lodgingly?

It's easy, the first step is to sign up as a Lodgingly Referral Partner HERE. After we receive your information, we will be in contact with you about next steps and give you all the information you need, including your unique referral code to give your patients.

Who can stay at Lodgingly?

Lodgingly welcomes families/caregivers who have a hospitalized loved one in any of the Tulsa-area hospitals. Outpatients receiving medical care in any Tulsa-area facility are also welcomed to stay. All ages of patients, any diagnosis category, and every Tulsa-area hospital is served at Lodgingly.

I need to book a room with Lodgingly but don't have a referral code-what should I do?

If you or a loved one are receiving medical care in any Tulsa-area facility, you are eligible to stay with Lodgingly. We do not accommodate non-medical stays. To get your referral code, simply complete this short form HERE . We will then contact your medical provider to give them the unique referral code needed for you as their patient to book with Lodgingly.

Why is sales tax exempt when booking with Lodgingly?

In addition to discounted rates, rooms booked through Lodgingly are exempt from sales tax. Because Philos Hospitality’s mission provides medical lodging for pediatric and adult patient families, the state of Oklahoma has given a sales tax exemption to our nonprofit corporation. Therefore, we do not pass on sales tax to our guests, which further decreases their out of pocket expenses while traveling.

What types of medical situations does Lodgingly serve?

Lodgingly serves patients and their caregivers in a wide variety of medical situations, including, but not limited to:

  • Oncology, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Cancer Treatment
  • Organ Transplants ie., Kidney Transplants, Tissue Transplants, Bone Marrow Transplants
  • Mental Health Care
  • Elective Procedures and Surgeries
  • Dental Procedures
  • Vision, Eye Procedures
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Pediatric Care
  • NICU, Neonatal Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Heart Surgery
  • Brain Surgery
  • Lung Surgery
  • Burn Patients
  • Orthopedic Surgery ie., Joint Replacement Surgery, Back Surgery, etc.
  • Physical Therapy
And More!